Community First Foundation

Our charity of choice for Riding for Reasons is the Community First Foundation.  There has been some questions in the media lately that has put the Foundation in a poor light so we have reached out to the Foundation for clarification and their response is below.  We still feel that the Community First Foundation is the best organization for distributing funds to the victims.

Please click HERE to view the Denver Post article.

Hi Tamara. I am sorry that recent news has caused prospective donors concern about the Aurora Victim Relief Fund. As we have tried to convey, donors entrust us with these dollars and we feel great responsibility to use them with thoughtful planning and care.

A committee, called the 7/20 Recovery Committee, has been formed to make recommendations regarding the funds, services, and goods donated by individuals and businesses in response to the July 20 tragedy. The City of Aurora took the initiative to gather this group of volunteers that includes nonprofit service providers, community foundations, government and community organizations. (A list of these participants can be found at the bottom of this City of Aurora page.)

Community First Foundation has agreed to take recommendations from the Committee regarding the amounts to be granted, the nonprofits to which the grants should be directed and the purposes of the grants. Community First Foundation reviews each grant recommendation to ensure it is consistent with the purposes of the Aurora Victim Relief Fund and makes the grant directly to the appropriate nonprofit. The Aurora Victim Relief Fund does not make grants directly to individuals, but to nonprofit organizations offering assistance to those individuals.

7/20 Recovery Committee is developing processes to identify, prioritize, and meet the short, intermediate and long-term needs of victims, their families and the community affected by the tragedy. The Committee members are looking at the impact on the community, needs resulting from the tragedy, and the resources available to meet the needs. The Committee is committed to developing a process that includes input from victims and their families.

Transparency is important to Community First Foundation. We urge you visit a web page we created that includes details about the Fund and a chart that outlines the Fund balance and distributions and is updated weekly:

We hope that these details about the Fund and distribution process provide you with confidence. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Thank you.

Angela Bevacqua

Senior Communications Specialist

6870 W. 52nd Ave., Suite 103

Arvada, CO 80002



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